7500 USD loan without Credit Bureau

Would you like to take a serious, 7,500 USD loan without Credit Bureau? Are you once again afraid of “sound and smoke” behind identical offers?

We will introduce you to the Credit Bureau-free 7,500 USD loan from Lite Lender in Liechtenstein, without any “secrecy”. Find out what awaits you, how you can apply for a loan and what requirements are to be met. All information presented comes directly from the bank.

7500 USD credit without Credit Bureau – the provider

7500 USD credit without Credit Bureau - the provider

Lite Lender AG from Liechtenstein is behind the offer for $ 7,500 credit without Credit Bureau. The bank was founded in 2010. It took over the market position of former credit providers from Switzerland, which have no longer been granting Credit Bureau-free loans to Germans since 2009. The credit bank differs from previous providers of the famous Swiss loan without Credit Bureau not only by its place of business.

The bank started with the promise to lead loans without Credit Bureau from the twilight of half-hearted, often exaggerated misinformation. Liechtenstein loan stands for credit opportunities with negative Credit Bureau without tricks or unfairness. To shake off the bad image, Lite Lender is going on the information offensive. It gives neutral advice portals, so that all interested parties, insight into the facts.

Behind the scenes, the bank is subject to supervision and control by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA). In addition, the bank adheres strictly to the requirements of German case law. Taking out 7,500 USD in credit today without Credit Bureau is at least as serious as a loan from the house bank around the corner. In contrast, only the Credit Bureau remains excluded from the credit process.

Credit Bureau-free credit from Liechtenstein – the offer

Credit Bureau-free credit from Liechtenstein - the offer

Credit Bureau-free credit is an offer to borrowers with a negative Credit Bureau. You can choose between three loan amounts. 3500 USD, 5000 USD or 7500 USD foreign credit for Germans can be applied for. Regardless of the amount of the loan, the term always extends to 40 repayment months with constant installment payments. The bank sets the interest rate applicable when the contract is concluded for the entire term. (Fixed Rate).

In contrast to previous offers for cash credit without Credit Bureau, today the loan payment is made exclusively to a German account. In the past, postable payments have repeatedly caused resentment by solvent borrowers who have to wait for their money unnecessarily.

Target group – who is the loan offer aimed at?

Target group - who is the loan offer aimed at?

A negative Credit Bureau leads to great difficulties with regular loan offers. In some cases, banks’ reservations are not justified. The borrower is fundamentally solvent, he can afford his loan, but is still “empty”.

With the offer to grant $ 7,500 credit without Credit Bureau, the bank is targeting these people. A serious credit opportunity is offered through a fair examination of the individual case.

Credit Bureau free credit advertising

Credit Bureau free credit advertising

Unfortunately, the real credit offer attracts unfair free riders. It is not uncommon for media advertisements for foreign loans without Credit Bureau (via intermediaries) to be criticized. Problems arise because the original offer is distorted in advertising and sometimes falsified to the point of being unrecognizable. Business owners exploit the expectations raised in this way for their purposes.

The bank distances itself from excessive advertising slogans, for example for housewife’s credit without proof of income and without Credit Bureau. A credit over 3500 USD, 5000 USD or 7500 USD credit without Credit Bureau is not an “everyone loan” without proof of creditworthiness. Loan advertisements that promise something other than a seriously checked loan for employees with income subject to social security contributions do not speak of the Liechtenstein loan.

Loan application without Credit Bureau – general requirements

Loan application without Credit Bureau - general requirements

Loan applications may be submitted through intermediaries or directly to Lite Lender. The necessary form “loan application” is available for “download” on the homepage. All important facts, who is the contact person, what if …, are contained in the “USDpean standard information for consumer credit”. They are also available for inspection on the Liechtensteiner Bank website.

Interested parties between the ages of 18 and 62 may apply. The key date is birthday = contract date for the age limit. You can only apply for a 3500 USD, 5000 USD or 7500 USD credit without Credit Bureau only as employee loans with income subject to social security contributions. The level of the minimum income (net income) to be demonstrated is based on the maintenance obligations and the loan amount.

The employment relationship must be closed indefinitely, without notice and outside the trial period. The length of time the employment relationship must exist continuously is based on the desired loan amount. Applicants should be fully fit and healthy. (Max. 10 sick days). There must be no ongoing garnishment of wages or the salary must have been assigned. In addition, there are no entries in the public register of debtors of the district court.

In principle, old debts are allowed, but they must be in reasonable relation to income. The foreign bank does not offer a loan without Credit Bureau for over-indebted borrowers.

Minimum income – 7500 USD credit without Credit Bureau

Minimum income - 7500 USD credit without Credit Bureau

– Singles without maintenance obligations = 1800 USD monthly net income
– A dependent person = 2100 USD monthly net income
– Two dependents = $ 2500 monthly net income
– Three dependents = 2900 USD net monthly income
– Four dependents = $ 3400 monthly net income

For loans from Liechtenstein, borrowers must also demonstrate sufficient length of service to their current employer in addition to the minimum income. For 7,500 USD of Credit Bureau-free international credit, an uninterrupted period of service with the current employer of at least 48 months would have to be proven.

Requirements too high – no credit possible?

Requirements too high - no credit possible?

7,500 USD of credit without Credit Bureau corresponds to the “premier class” of Credit Bureau-free loan offers from Liechtenstein. Borrowers who cannot qualify for this through income or length of service do not necessarily have to “go empty-handed”. More moderate requirements apply to the smaller loan models.

Is seniority the problem? In this case, 36 months would be enough to qualify for a 5000 USD loan or 12 months for 3500 USD. Does the shoe “squeeze” on the minimum income? Singles without maintenance obligations should apply for 5000 USD from 1600 USD net income. For a dependent, it would be 1900 USD, two 2250 USD and three 2600 USD.

Without maintenance obligations, the net start is 3500 USD without Credit Bureau credit with 1150 USD. With a dependent person 1600 USD, with two 1850 USD or with three 2150 USD net income.

Credit Tip:

Have you applied for $ 7,500 credit directly without Credit Bureau and are you seeing right now that you are not fully qualified? No problem, the loan offer is gradable. “Last minute” you should contact the support briefly by phone. Competent contact persons await you with possible solutions.

Incidentally, topping up 7,500 USD of Credit Bureau-free credit is also possible for existing customers. To do this, all of the above requirements must be met. In this case, 12 months for a credit of $ 7,500 without Credit Bureau are sufficient only for the length of service.

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